The innovation process begins with listening to patients and the market, categorising their needs and summarising what is relevant. We utilise our direct sales channels to feel our patients’ pulses and a well-established industry network to understand evolving trends and technologies in drug formulation and primary packaging. Combining this knowledge with systematically applied innovation processes and ongoing analysis of the latest technologies, we are continuously developing and improving our self-injection systems.

Brainstorming in Ypsomed's Concept Development team

Centralised engineering power

Our Concept Development department is the starting point for all new technologies, custom and platform products. Specialist, experienced engineers collaborate closely with our patent department, to ensure that new device technologies are patented early on in the process. The Innovation Phase, which is led by Concept Development, ends with the important milestone Design Review Innovation. Once first prototypes have been assessed successfully in our Competence Center Laboratory, the development project is seamlessly transferred to Product Development within headquarters.

Within Product Development we employ over 240 mechanical, injection moulding, process, quality, electronic and software engineers in Switzerland. All platform products from pens and autoinjector to insulin pumps and patch injectors are expertly managed by dedicated and specialised product development teams.