Ypsomed follows a user-centered design approach.
Ypsomed follows a user-centered design approach.

Ypsomed follows a user-centered design approach. We cooperate closely with experienced market research and design partners to gain a comprehensive insight into user-based considerations and to develop innovative and highly usable solutions. Our multidisciplinary design teams apply a mix of analytical and creative methods to ensure user experience and usability factors are aligned with functional requirements throughout the development process.

Focus on the patient

Keeping the patient in focus is essential for the user-friendly design of our self-injection systems. All development activities at Ypsomed are based on an in-depth understanding of patients and their needs and our usability engineering process maintains this focus throughout the course of every project.

Safe and effective product use by design

Our iterative design process includes human factors engineering activities at all stages. Based on our in-depth understanding of users, we identify the relevant user requirements during the conceptual phases and integrate them directly into the device specifications. Throughout the entire development process, we perform further analysis to optimise our devices. Ultimately, our late-stage evaluations are aimed at demonstrating, that the final design is safe and effective to use.

Fully compliant with international regulatory requirements

Ypsomed’s Usability Engineering process complies fully with international regulatory requirements for medical devices. Ypsomed provides customers with a full Usability Engineering file at the device platform level. We have a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory landscape and can provide guidance and support on human factor topics for bringing your devices to the market in the U.S. and in the E.U.