Ypsomed has a very high level of technological integration: From tool design and manufacturing, to injection molding and assembly, all process steps are performed in-house. Our tool shop is located at our headquarters in Burgdorf, in close proximity to the development department and the laboratory supporting our tool designers and engineers. Injection molding and assembly for our disposable devices are performed on the same shop floor at our manufacturing locations in Switzerland. Ypsomed is currently building a new manufacturing site in Schwerin, Germany, to extend production capacity for a number of devices.

Expertise in tool making

Tool Shop Movie YDS

Ypsomed commissioned tool manufacturing in 1987, since then it has been an integral part of our operations. We have the capabilities and experience to develop and manufacture high precision and multiple cavity tools. The smallest tools we manufacture in-house have 1-2 cavities and are typically used for prototypes. The largest tools we have in operation have 128 cavities. We also manufacture tools for multiple components as used for YpsoMate Design. Our tool shop also develops and manufactures equipment for assembly, testing and printing. 

Our tool shop uses the latest technologies, such as

  • 3D CAD/CAM System Siemens NX
  • HSC milling
  • Wire, initial hole and sink EDM
  • Round and flat grinding
  • CNC milling and grinding
  • 3D measurement
  • 3D Prototyping
  • Rapid Tooling

Expertise in injection moulding

Since we commissioned the first injection moulding plant back in 1989, we have significantly increased our capacity. Today, with over 120 injection moulding machines of different sizes, we manufacture all plastic parts used for our devices in-house. We facilitate one and two component tools and involve automated handling systems and various staining methods where required. A broad spectrum of plastics (e.g. PP, PBT, PC/ABS, POM, PEEK, etc.) allows to choose the best material for the respective part and purpose. Our machines are integrated in the SAP/ERP system with SAP-guided maintenance.

Tool in injection moulding machine with automated handling system removing the moulded part from the tool.
Tool in injection moulding machine with automated handling system removing the moulded part from the tool.
One of the shop floors of Ypsomed for injection molding of parts for a disposable product.
One of the shop floors of Ypsomed for injection molding of parts for a disposable product.

Expertise in assembly

When developing new platform products Ypsomed ensures that the most reliable and economic manufacturing process is selected. Furthermore, Ypsomed strategically invests in flexible infrastructure based on state-of-the-art processes using either flexible, semi-automatic equipment for low annual volumes or high capacity, fully automated equipment for high annual volumes. 

In line with the tradition of outstanding Swiss manufacturing quality, we not only invest in the latest equipment but, above all, in refining the competences of our skilled workforce. We thus ensure that every piece of equipment in our park is operated with maximum skill and ability. Moreover, this serves to deepen our knowledge regarding the design and optimisation of the manufacturing processes. Continuous improvement is not just a promise but is an integral part of Ypsomed’s daily activities.

UnoPen, the disposable pen, and YpsoMate, the 2-step autoinjector, have been industrialised on various fully automated manufacturing lines.

Fully automated manufacturing of UnoPen

Fully automated manufacturing of UnoPen

End Assembly

Combination products are only complete when device components and the primary drug container are assembled, labelled and packaged. Drug and device assembly often takes place at the filling site to reduce time, risk and transport costs. The assembly process requires broad knowledge and experience, which is often not the core competence of the filling site. Ypsomed’s drug & device assembly support is the ideal solution to ensure that the final combination product is assembled according to the underlying device specifications and fulfils all requirements. 

Ypsomed works closely with well-known equipment manufacturers to provide ready-to-order final assembly solutions that are tailored to device specific requirements such as assembly forces and inline controls. Assembly systems for low (<150,000 p.a.), mid (<1 million p.a.) and high volumes (>1 million p.a.) are available and several lines have already been supplied to pharma customers and contract filling sites. Ypsomed also offers on-site support at the final assembly site with experienced industrialisation engineers as required.