VarioJect – the variable single dose injector

The VarioJect is a simple single use variable dose injector for pre-filled syringes or cartridges. It guides the patient through priming followed by dialing the dose to then inject the set dose volume. After use the device is locked and no further dosing is possible.

  • Handling steps assure simple and correct dosing
  • Simple priming step for dose accuracy
  • Simply dial to adjust the dose
  • Suitable for use with pre-filled syringes or cartridges

Discover VarioJect


Handling steps Prime, dial and dose – as simple as that

Remove cap
Dial dose

Design and customisation Your drug deserves a unique presentation

VarioJect - the variable single dose injector design compilation

The design of the VarioJect device platform technology can be customized for individual dosing requirements, and both standard and custom primary drug containers. For marketing and usability purposes the shape and color may be varied to provide distinct differentiation for your drug.

Customisation and manufacturing

  • The dosing mechanism is typically designed to be compatible with 1 mL pre-filled syringes or 1.5 mL cartridges
  • Configuration capabilities for different fill volumes allow the use of the platform for multiple projects
  • Simple end-assembly process assures low cost of goods


Easy variable dosing For a single dose that needs to be varied or titrated

After priming step
After injection of dose
The VarioJect in a configuration with a standard 1.5 ml cartridge and safety pen needle
  • The handling steps are pre-determined by design assuring simplicity of use and improved adherence
  • Dose delivery confirmation with clear visual indicator feedback
  • After injection the dose button locks in place to prevent any misuse with the remaining drug volume
  • Use the cartridge version of VarioJect to avoid needle/drug contact during storage or to allow use of various pen needle lengths
  • Needle safety fully integrated for the pre-filled syringe or by using a safety pen needle for the cartridge-based device version


Dimensions Facts and figures

Device specifications
  • Primary container 11 mL long ½” PFS
  • Primary container 21.5 mL cartridge
  • Needle size27 – 31 G TW
  • Needle insertion depthSC or IM
  • Platform dose range0.05 – 1.00 mL
  • Smallest dose increment0.01 mL
  • Number of variable dose steps1-15
  • Number of dosesPriming and 1 dose

Syringe and cartridge dimensions (mm)

Compatible with 1 mL long syringes and 1.5 mL cartridges. Customization with other standard and custom drug containers from 0.5 to 3.0 mL is possible.