YpsoMate 2.25 – the 2-step large volume autoinjector

YpsoMate 2.25 large volume autoinjector

YpsoMate 2.25 and YpsoMate 2.25 Pro autoinjectors are automated disposable injection devices for 2.25 mL pre-filled glass or polymer syringes suitable for all patient groups. The device is triggered by push-on-skin activation which is convenient, ergonomic, and preferred by patients. The YpsoMate 2.25 Pro is suitable for a large range of viscosities.

  • Suitable for injection volumes up to 2.25 mL
  • Push-on-skin release for most simple and ergonomic handling
  • Clear confirmation "clicks" and large viewing window for optimum patient confidence and control
  • Easy to customise and flexible platform product assures short timeline and low project risks
  • YpsoMate 2.25 Pro with constant force drive is suitable for a large range of viscosities
  • Compatible with SmartPilot to upgrade to a fully connected device

Discover the YpsoMate 2.25 autoinjector

YpsoMate 2.25

Handling steps Remove cap and push on skin – as simple as that

Handling YpsoMate 2.25 - Remove cap
Remove cap
Handling YpsoMate 2.25 - Push on skin

Design and customisation Your drug deserves a unique presentation

YpsoMate 2.25 large volume autoinjector design compilation

The design can be customised for individual dosing and drug requirements. Product differentiation in the market is often important and colours and shape may be customised to meet your individual design needs. Do not hesitate to ask us for more designs or to involve your own design specialists.

Customisation and manufacturing

  • Easy to customise platform product from experienced ODM manufacturer assures short timeline and low project risks
  • Compatible with glass and polymer syringes from all major manufacturers
  • Well established final assembly processes at pharma and CMO sites


Simply a perfect design Meeting patient needs and pharma industry requirements

YpsoMate 2.25 - Simply a perfect design
The YpsoMate 2.25 large volume autoinjector is triggered by simply pushing it on the skin.
  • Optimized ergonomics provide good grip and control
  • Needle hidden at all times for increased comfort
  • Patient controlled needle insertion
  • Audible confirmation "clicks" at start and end of injection increase patient confidence


  • Front shoulder syringe support increases product safety
  • Syringe window covered by transparent plastic to increase product safety in case of syringe breakage during transport or after dropping
  • Syringe window can be coloured upon request for light sensitive products
  • The needle is shielded before, during and after use to avoid accidental needle stick injuries
  • Roll-stop built in by unique square design
  • The YpsoMate 2.25 Pro features an innovative drive system with constant force to inject high viscosities while keeping the stress on glass syringes low

Customisation and manufacturing

YpsoMate 2.25 - Manufacturing


SmartPilot for YpsoMate 2.25 and connected smartphone

YpsoMate 2.25 with the standard square shape is compatible with the reusable SmartPilot add-on. SmartPilot for YpsoMate 2.25 enables user guidance and advanced adherence monitoring as it transforms the proven YpsoMate 2.25 autoinjector into a fully connected smart product system.

  • Tracking and wireless transmission of injection events and outcomes e.g. handling errors or missed uses
  • In-use patient guidance throughout the injection process e.g. advice on holding time
  • NFC-based identification of combination product label to increase patient safety


Dimensions Facts and figures

Device specifications
  • Primary container2.25 mL ½” PFS, with cut flange or small round flange
  • Fill volume0.4 – 2.25 mL
  • DosingFixed, complete content
  • Viscosity1 – 15 cP1 for YpsoMate 2.25
    1 – 50 cP1 for YpsoMate 2.25 Pro
  • Needle diameter29G TW and larger
  • Injection timeapprox. 5 – 15 s
    Ask for testing of your configuration
  • PFS needle shieldRigid or soft
  • Needle insertion depth5 – 8 mm
  • End of injection feedbackAudible and visual
  • Weight53 g incl. glass PFS for YpsoMate 2.25
    70 g incl. glass PFS for YpsoMate 2.25 Pro

1 Feasibility testing with filled syringes recommended for new drugs. With a larger needle diameter viscosities above 100 cP are feasible.

Syringe dimensions (mm)

Standard device compatible with 2.25 mL ½” staked needle syringes with cut flange or small round flange.