SmartPilot – Transforming YpsoMate into a smart product system

SmartPilot for YpsoMate enables advanced adherence monitoring
The SmartPilot add-on transforms the 2-step autoinjector YpsoMate into a connected product system

SmartPilot for YpsoMate enables advanced adherence monitoring by transforming the proven YpsoMate autoinjector into a fully connected smart product system. It supports the seamless provision of therapy-relevant data to patients, physicians, and other healthcare stakeholders. In so doing, it takes up both market and technology needs to adopt smart devices to improve therapy outcomes.

  • Bluetooth®-based wireless tracking of injection date, time and success
  • Advanced patient guidance throughout the injection process
  • NFC-based identification of combination product label to increase patient safety
  • YpsoMate autoinjector compatibility with SmartPilot without further changes
  • No need to charge SmartPilot during its entire lifetime

Explore the YpsoMate autoinjector

SmartPilot for YpsoMate

SmartPilot to improve therapy outcomes Both market and technology are driving smart device adoption

Technology push

  • Compact and low-cost processing power and data storage
  • Sensor miniaturisation and energy efficiency
  • Network benefits of ubiquitous wireless connectivity

Market pull

  • Trend towards outcome-based payments
  • Need to analyse real-world drug effectiveness 
  • Improving patient support and convenience

Towards advanced adherence monitoring

Transforming YpsoMate into a connected smart system No physical modification to YpsoMate

SmartPilot provides advanced adherence tracking without requiring any physical modification to the YpsoMate autoinjector. It enables the use of advanced adherence monitoring services during clinical trials and as part of life cycle management following commercial launch.

SmartPilot – Adherence monitoring

Introducing a mature smart device platform Innovation targeted product attributes

Advanced tracking and guidance

SmartPilot tracks usage of YpsoMate autoinjector Capturing injection result including potential use errors

SmartPilot tracks usage of YpsoMate autoinjector
Injection history on mobile application.
  • Real-time tracking of injection events
    • Drug identification (incl. batch number, expiry date, etc.)
    • Injection date and time
    • Successful injection
    • Injection interrupted
    • Holding time deviation
  • Bluetooth®-based wireless transmission of injection events to mobile application
  • Injection events (date, time and result) are recorded on SmartPilot local memory for later read-out
  • Compatible with third-party therapy management app

Step-by-step user guidance to avoid handling errors Visual and audible feedback throughout the injection process

Step 1

Couple YpsoMate autoinjector with SmartPilot and get information on drug identity, batch number and expiry date.

Step 2

Perform the injection and automatically transfer data to mobile application.

Step 3

Remove from skin after completion of injection including holding time.

Step 4

Discard YpsoMate save SmartPilot for future use, and rate perceived experience when performing self-injection.

These handling instructions are for demonstration purpose only. They do not replace the instructions for use of the customer product.

Patient-centred user interface

Industrial design provides further patient guidance Design attributes support each use step

The SmartPilot design features
The SmartPilot design features

Patient guidance even in absence of mobile application Clear communication of YpsoMate use status

Both visual and audible feedback are implemented to minimise use errors e.g. holding time. SmartPilot for YpsoMate guides patients throughout the injection process including feedback once the drug has reached room temperature.

Drug is warming up
Ready to use
Injection interrupted
Holding time deviation

Adding a new dimension to patient safety

Authentication of the combination product Recognising smart NFC-based labels on YpsoMate

SmartPilot recognises smart Near Field Communication (NFC)-based labels on YpsoMate notifying patients of the correct dose strength and checking that the drug has not expired.

NFC-based identification of YpsoMate product to increase patient safety.
NFC-based identification of YpsoMate product to increase patient safety.
  • Correct product: Ensure that the drug product is not a counterfeit
  • Simplify expiry management: Relate real-time with the expiry date
  • Check usage: Ensure that correct YpsoMate is used e.g. dosing intervals and dose strength
  • Support recalls: Manage products recalls through cloud-based device serialisation

Facilitating intuitive and secure Bluetooth® pairing

NFC-based touch-to-pair improves ease-of-use A convenient and secure means to establish Bluetooth® connectivity

NFC-based touch-to-pair provides a more convenient and secure means to establish Bluetooth® connectivity. A NFC-enabled smartphone is placed close to SmartPilot. Credentials are automatically exchanged via NFC, with the close proximity preventing other smartphones from pairing with SmartPilot.

NFC-based touch-to-pair process
NFC-based touch-to-pair process

Enabling integration with broader ecosystems

Simplifying integration via web-based interfaces Embedding SmartPilot in a digital ecosystem

YDS SmartServices embed SmartPilot in a broader digital ecosystem. The digital services provide a turnkey solution to simplify adherence monitoring and provide secure smart device integration. SmartPilot for YpsoMate may be integrated into clinical trials and commercial patient monitoring programs.

Simplifying integration in a broader ecosystem
Simplifying integration in a broader ecosystem