Wearable injectors for volumes above 2 mL

Many pharmaceutical companies around the globe are focusing on biologic therapeutics, many based on monoclonal antibodies e.g. for autoimmune diseases and immuno-oncology drugs. Injections are infrequent, typically weekly, biweekly or monthly and there is a demand for less frequent injections e.g. every two, three or six months. The trend to fewer injections means that larger drug doses and thus larger injection volumes are required, often in excess of 2 mL

These larger injection volumes require a new product concept, a large-volume wearable patch injector.

Compared to an infusion pump, which performs drug infusions over hours or days, the large-volume patch injector is intended to administer 2–10 mL of drug, frequently of higher viscosity, within 2–15 minutes. The low injection frequency and need to wear the device means that the injector must be easy to use. To cover this need Ypsomed has developed YpsoDose, a single-use injection device that is patched directly to the skin with an integrated pre-filled drug reservoir, sterile fluid path and needle system.

The worry-free and intuitive patch injector

Old YpsoDose Product Video