We continuously strive to bring new product ideas to market and to improve our products. For this we survey the injection device world, perform studies, work closely with academia and develop and make use of new development tools. It is also important to share this information with our customers and industry network and make it easy to find.

Here you can find the most important articles, interviews and reports published to date.

October 2018 | ONdrugDelivery | Issue 91: Prefilled syringes & injection devices - How to embed smart devices in a broader digital ecosystem

September 2018 | ONdrugDelivery | Issue 90: Wearable Injectors - Simplifying large-volume patch injection for pharma companies and patients

February 2018 | ONdrugDelivery | Issue 83: Prefilled syringes & injection devices - Development of platform injection devices - addressing human factors at an early stage for different user groups

October 2017 | ONdrugDelivery | Issue 79: Prefilled syringes & injection devices - A new value proposition of smart devices: Advanced medication adherence monitoring in clinical trials

June 2017 | ONdrugDelivery | Issue 76: Connecting Drug Delivery - SmartPilot for YpsoMate: Transforming a provevn autoinjector into a fully connected device.

October 2016 | ONdrugDelivery | Issue 71: Prefilled Syringes - SmartPilot for YpsoMate: Transforming a proven autoinjector into a connected device

July 2016 | Drug Development & Delivery | Issue 69: Wearable Injectors - An introduction to YpsoDose: For the large-volume injection of biologics

June 2016 | Drug Development & Delivery | Issue 68: Connecting Drug Delivery - Interview: Simon Michel

April 2016 | BioScience Journal | Spring 2016: Syringe technologies - Advertorial: Contributing to the success of injectable drugs

February 2016 | ONdrugDelivery | Issue 64: Prefilled syringes - Development of Smart Injection Devices: Insights from the YpsoMate Smart Case Study

October 2015 | ONdrugDelivery | Issue 61: Prefilled syringes - "Combining Individual Designs With the Benefits of a Proven Platform Product"

September 2014 | Drug Development & Delivery | Vol 14, No. 7 - Special Feature: Safer, Simplier, and Smarter Devices by Cindy Dubin