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Making selfcare simpler and easier – this is, and has been, Ypsomed’s vision for almost 40 years. Ypsomed is a spearhead when it comes to the development of modern and easy to use care concepts and device platforms. Innovation and the ability to industrialise using automated processes are at the core of our success – and are a crucial contribution to the success of our customers.

We want to share expertise and knowledge with our customers, partners, and other players in and around the industry because we believe in the benefit of collective growth and progress.

We want to inspire you, inform you, educate you, involve you.

This is why we will now on a monthly basis publish articles on Ypsomed Pulse. You will receive regular information in the form of an abstract, an expert opinion, a case study, or educational content. The topics we explore are the core areas where Ypsomed Delivery Systems confidently adds value through its expertise, networking prowess, and know-how:

  • Manufacturing​
  • Platforms & technology​
  • Large volume injection​
  • Digital health​
  • Human factors ​
  • Sustainability & engagement​
  • Compliance

Warm regards,

Rolf Gerber

Rolf Gerber is Marketing Manager with Ypsomed Delivery Systems. He joined Ypsomed in 2023 to strengthen the business area’s marketing activities and communication of their solutions. He holds an MAS in Communication Management and has been working in the medical device industry since 2010.

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