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Promising start-up opts for Ypsomed's user-friendly autoinjector to treat PMDD

Ypsomed's autoinjector YpsoMate

Asarina Pharma has decided to go with our user-friendly two-step autoinjector YpsoMate for its commercial launch of its drug Sepranolone. Sepranolone is the world’s first treatment for pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

The Swedish biotech start-up Asarina has announced that they have decided to use our YpsoMate for their phase III study as well as their commercial launch of their drug Sepranolone. Sepranolone is the world’s first treatment for pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) and other menstrual-related conditions. It targets the neuro-hormonal mechanism which triggers PMDD. A previous study has shown that Sepranolone reduces key PMDD symptoms by over 80 percent.

YpsoMate can be handled very easily

Usability is of particular importance for the injection of Sepranolone considering that patients will administer seven injections a month. That is why, Asarina evaluated various injection devices that came into question for their clinical study. In the end, they chose our YpsoMate autoinjector. Göthe states that YpsoMate meets all of Asarina’s requirements. He was especially impressed by its precision and usability, calling its handling “exceptionally easy”.

For some patients, how you administer the treatment can be as important as the treatment itself.
Dr Sven Göthe, CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control)

Director of Asarina.

YpsoMate can manage high viscosity drugs very well

The YpsoMate autoinjector is very user-friendly thanks to its two step concept. To apply it, you only have to take the cap off and push it to the skin.  Apart from its easy handling, our YpsoMate has two further advantages that have been relevant in Asarina’s decision making: Firstly, the YpsoMate can be easily customised for different fill volumes. Secondly, it manages viscous drugs such as Asarina’s Sepranolone very well.

Customers benefit from Ypsomed's platform strategy

Thanks to our platform strategy, we can individualise and brand the injection device in a short period of time. The platform strategy also allows us to produce small batches which makes our product interesting for start-ups such as Asarina.

Asarina is a very promising company with the goal of allowing women affected by PMDD to remain in control of their lives. We are very happy to be contributing to this goal with our YpsoMate.

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