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Ypsomed is glad to present and exhibit at the 2018 PDA Asia Drug Delivery of Injectables Conference in Taipeh, Taiwan from November 6-7.

The conference will cover topics from primary containers to devices and Orfeo Niedermann from Ypsomed will update the audience on “Trends in Self-Injection: How Platform Products, Large Volume Injectors, and Connected, Smart Devices Support Patients and Industry”.

About the conference
The 2018 PDA Drug Delivery of Injectables Conference will kick off with an update on recent changes to regulations, focusing on the proposed revision to Annex 1 and other regulations relevant for parenteral packaging.

The Conference will concentrate on primary packaging components, devices, and fill-finish procedures. Relevant tests, such as visual inspection, container closure integrity, and extractables and leachables, will also be covered. A special session will address the use of electronics for pharmaceutical applications.

This Conference will go beyond the technical aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing, with a special session devoted specifically to business-related aspects of the industry. In this session, critical considerations regarding such areas as marketing and the challenges of developing successful partnerships, especially for the manufacture of biotech/biosimilar products, and what needs to be in place for successful partnerships, will be addressed. And, hear directly from the experts how patient-friendly injection systems may impact market success.

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