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Satisfied user study participants

YpsoDose is a patch injector for large volumes. When developing YpsoDose, we focus on user-friendliness as we do with all our injection systems. The latest user studies have confirmed how easy YpsoDose is to use.

YpsoDose patch injector in use
Larger drug volumes will in future be injected with the user-friendly patch injector YpsoDose.

Our YpsoDose patch injector is a wearable device for the administration of drugs with fixed volumes typically between 2 and 10 mL. It is used when drug volumes are too large for a pre-filled syringe in an autoinjector.

Higher quality of life through self-medication

In future, patients will be able to inject large volumes drugs with the prefilled, preassembled YpsoDose patch injector. This means that they will not have to go to see a doctor or the hospital for each injection.

Self-medication has two clear advantages: it increases the quality of life of the patient and at the same time it reduces healthcare costs.

Simple handling thanks to the two step concept

Like all our injection systems, we developed our YpsoDose patch injector with a focus on maximum user friendliness. The intuitive handling is particularly important for drugs which are not injected frequently. With its two step concept (stick to skin and start injection by pressing the button), our YpsoDose meets the demand for ease of use. A user study conducted in the USA confirms that users understand the operation of the YpsoDose quickly and that they feel safe during use. In addition to the two step concept, the test subjects also appreciated the visual and acoustic device feedback.

Short customisation timelines with Ypsomed platform strategy

The YpsoDose patch injector is a platform product as this is the case for all our YDS products. Our platform strategy provides short project timelines to allow customisation of the device tailored to the drug characteristics and customer branding.

With our YpsoDose patch injector we, together with our customers, make a significant contribution to making selfcare simpler and easier.

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