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Burgdorf – Ypsomed has introduced the world’s first autoinjector for prefilled syringes with integrated connectivity. The YpsoMate On combines the advantages of the proven YpsoMate autoinjector with the options of digital therapy support. The YpsoMate On follows an eco-design principle which allows easy recycling of electronic components and encourages the use of sustainable components.

World’s first autoinjector with fully integrated connectivity

Autoinjectors for prefilled syringes such as the YpsoMate are reliable and safe devices for subcutaneous self-medication. These enable people with chronic diseases to treat themselves independently at home, which relieves the burden on the medical infrastructure. This positive effect is offset by the fact that the success of therapy depends to a large extent on the discipline of the person being treated. Therefore, digital therapy solutions via smartphone aim to improve therapy adherence and thus have a positive impact on the success of therapy. This benefits people and lowers overall health care costs. 

The YpsoMate On is the world’s first autoinjector with fully integrated connectivity. It joins the SmartPilot, a networked reusable attachment to the mechanical YpsoMate autoinjector, as a further smart option for integrating the autoinjector into a digital therapy management system. The YpsoMate On is based on the established YpsoMate platform, which is distinguished by its ease of use and high level of patient safety. The autoinjector offers digital therapy support through integrated connectivity: it automatically records the administration of medication and transmits the data wirelessly via smartphone to a therapy management system. Owing to a novel communication protocol, no prior pairing of the device with the smartphone is necessary. In addition, the visual feedback of the YpsoMate On supports users in reliably administering medication. With YpsoMate On, healthcare professionals have access to the data they need to optimally support patients in their therapy via a cloud connection.

“The YpsoMate On is an extension of our established YpsoMate autoinjector family. By adding connectivity to a proven product, we are creating an innovation which opens up new fields of application in the treatment of chronic diseases,”

says Ulrike Bauer, Senior Vice President Delivery Systems at Ypsomed, highlighting the advantages of the new autoinjector.

Designed for recycling

The YpsoMate On is a technological innovation which takes sustainability principles into account right through to the end of the product’s life cycle. It follows the Ypsomed eco-design principle: the device is made of sustainable materials and designed for recycling. This is also exemplified in that the electronic components, which have been reduced to a minimum, are located in an easily separable element of the autoinjector. The electronic components and the injection unit can thus be disposed of separately or processed further. Like all new product developments from Ypsomed, the YpsoMate On is designed to support the company’s sustainability goals. The reason being that Ypsomed aims to have CO2-neutral production by 2030 and has committed to net-zero emissions along the entire value creation chain by 2040.

The YpsoMate On is a self-contained technical design concept. Pharmaceutical partners who wish to launch their drugs as a pharmaceutical product in the YpsoMate On can initiate feasibility studies and plan clinical projects together with Ypsomed for this purpose.

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