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Burgdorf – Ypsomed has developed the world’s first zero carbon emission prefilled autoinjector. The YpsoMate Zero is based on the proven YpsoMate autoinjector platform that offers convenient handling and patient safety. The new YpsoMate Zero uses alternative biopolymers and a novel packaging design that follows the principles of circular product design.

World's first zero carbon emission autoinjector from Ypsomed
The YpsoMate Zero is the first step towards the goal of self-care solutions with zero impact on the environment.

Self-medication of drugs makes everyday life easier for people with chronic diseases. Easy-to-use self-injection systems such as the YpsoMate autoinjector for pre-filled syringes contribute to shifting the point of care from a healthcare setting to the home. At-home treatment of chronic diseases improves access to healthcare and lowers overall costs. It also helps to minimise the environmental impact by reducing the need for travel or the use of hospital infrastructure and resources.

However, its single-use nature has put the pre-filled autoinjector at the forefront of the global plastic challenge, urging Ypsomed to take action.

"We must take responsibility for the environmental effects of our products. This is why we develop injection devices that minimise the impact of self-medication on the environment,"

elaborates Ypsomed’s CEO Simon Michel on the vision of injection devices with zero carbon footprint.

Ypsomed subjected the YpsoMate to a comprehensive life cycle assessment to highlight its environmental hot spots and enable data-driven design optimisations. As a result, Ypsomed developed the YpsoMate Zero. This environment-friendly device uses alternative materials and implements improvements along the supply chain without compromising on usability and patient safety. Further, Ypsomed will compensate the remaining carbon footprint through CO2 certificates from third parties and own activities, such as its reforestation program in Eastern Africa.

Zero carbon emissions by 2030

Sustainability is one of Ypsomed's strategic pillars. The company is determined to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030. Therefore, Ypsomed seeks to drive circular product design that minimises the environmental impact of self-medication along the entire value chain. The YpsoMate Zero is the first step towards the goal of self-care solutions with zero impact on the environment. The product demonstrates that the company assumes its social and societal responsibility and it proofs the ambition to pioneering the development of new technologies.

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Thomas Kutt
Head of Investor Relations
Ypsomed Holding AG

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