Fast, flexible and cost efficient With customised platform products from Ypsomed Delivery Systems

ServoPen, YpsoPen, LyoTwist, YpsoMate
From left: ServoPen, YpsoPen, LyoTwist and YpsoMate

An injection device needs to fulfill several expectations: It needs to be unique and stand out in the market and at the same time it needs to be affordable in terms of customisation costs and cost of goods. Furthermore the development process needs to be fast and without carrying any risk. The production concept should be flexible in a way to support small volumes during phase III and product launch but also capable of manufacturing high annual demands during the commercial phase. Above all the device needs to be easy to use, safe and effective for the patient.

With the introduction of platform products such as reusable and disposable pens, autoinjectors and dual-chamber pen systems, Ypsomed brings all these requirements together. As Ypsomed has already developed these platform products, customisation to a specific product and to a customer specific outer design is quick and less extensive than developing an individual system for each drug product. Ypsomed’s platform products and associated investments in infrastructure support both high annual volumes based on high capacity, fully automated assembly capabilities, as well as lower annual volumes based on flexible semi-automated manufacturing concepts.

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