YpsoMate 5.5 – the 5.5 mL large volume autoinjector

YpsoMate 5.5 autoinjector is an automated injection device for 5.5 mL pre-filled glass syringes suitable for all patient groups. The device is triggered by push-on-skin activation which is convenient, ergonomic and preferred by patients.

  • Taking handheld self-injection beyond volumes of 2.0 mL
  • New ready-to-use 5.5 mL staked-needle pre-filled syringe format
  • Market-proven two-step YpsoMate technology
  • Bespoke user interface increases confidence during injection
  • Easy customisation for a broad range of fill volumes, viscosities and injection times

Discover the YpsoMate 5.5 autoinjector

YpsoMate 2.25


Simply a perfect ergonomic design

YpsoMate 5.5 autoinjector - Simply a perfect ergonomic design
  • The waisted and textured gipping area, along with the contour, allows for a broad variety of grip styles and enables stable handling during the injection
  • The rotating dial and continuous clicking communicate to the user very clearly the start and the end of the injection, and that the injection is progressing as intended
  • Different spring configurations with different force profiles allow the system to be adapted to accommodate a broad range of drug viscosities
  • Injection times can be configured in the range 10–60 s for injection volumes up to 5 mL

Established technology and manufacturing

  • Market-proven two-step handling principle of all YpsoMate autoinjectors
  • Based on proven YpsoMate 2.25 Pro constant force drive mechanism technology
  • Large drug volumes are injected reproducibly, even with higher-viscosity formulation

syriQ BioPure 5.5 mL staked-needle ready-to-use syringe

syriQ BioPure 5.5 mL staked-needle ready-to-use syringe
  • The staked-needle ready-to-use (RTU) syringe is the primary container format of choice for use in autoinjectors
  • The integrated needle with rigid needle shield has a proven track-record with respect to container closure integrity and sterility
  • The pre-sterilised format, packaged in a standard nest-and-tub, is well established and has been successfully industrialised on a wide array of filling lines
  • Leverages existing standards and components where possible, to minimise time-to-market and reduce development risks

Specifications Facts and figures

Device specifications
  • Primary container5.5 mL, 12.7mm staked-needle PFS
  • Fill volume1.5 – 5.5 mL
  • Viscosity1–30 cP1, with 27G STW
    Up to 50 cP1 with larger bore needles
  • Needle diameter27G STW, alternative needle gauges available
  • Injection time10-60 s
    Ask for testing of your configuration
  • PFS needle shieldRigid
  • Needle insertion depth5 – 8 mm
  • End of injection feedbackAudible and visual

1 Feasibility testing with filled syringes recommended for new drugs. With a larger needle diameter viscosities above 100 cP are feasible.