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YpsoMate On – The pre-filled autoinjector with integrated connectivity

The pre-filled autoinjector with integrated connectivity
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YpsoMate On – Pharmapack 2022 Innovation Award Winner for Connected Devices
YpsoMate On – Pharmapack 2022 Innovation Award Winner for Connected Devices

The integrated connectivity of YpsoMate On automatically logs injections and provides users a visual end-of-injection feedback directly on the device. This allows for more reliable drug delivery and data capture provides assistance for adherence and therapy management. Based on the market-proven two-step handling concept, this autoinjector stands out with its seamless capturing of therapy-relevant injection data combined with easy handling.

  • Integrated sensor and connectivity to capture injection data
  • Easy 2-step handling and fully automated injection logging
  • Visual end-of-injection feedback directly on the device including the holding time
  • Seamless integration into digital therapy management systems
  • Sustainable design enables easy separation of electronics and battery
  • Leveraging the market-proven YpsoMate 1mL platform for short time-to-market
YpsoMate On The pre-filled autoinjector with integrated connectivity

Integrated sensors and connectivity

YpsoMate On senses the start and end of the injection and tracks injection time, date and duration. It supports the seamless provision of therapy-relevant data to patients, physicians and caregivers.

Seamless device-to-user connection No pairing required for data transfer to smartphone

YpsoMate On includes an advanced Bluetooth proximity measurement protocol which automatically connects the injection device and the smartphone. This simplifies the user journey by removing the need for pairing. The injection data is automatically transferred to the user's therapy management app and the associated cloud.

User journey and visual injection feedback Easy handling and automated injection logging

Step 1: Remove cap

Remove the protective cap at the front of the device.

Step 2: Inject

Push the device against the injection site. The blinking green status feedback signals ongoing injection.

Step 3: Remove from skin

Remove the device from skin when the status feedback turns steady green.

Step 4: Check your injection logbook

Check your therapy management app for successful data transfer1.

These handling instructions are for demonstration purpose only. They do not replace the instructions for use of the customer product.

1 For automated data transfer we assume that the smartphone’s Bluetooth is activated.

Integration into digital therapy management systems Seamless and secure integration

YDS SmartServices allows the seamless integration of YpsoMate On in a broader digital ecosystem.
The digital services provide a turnkey solution for secure smart device integration into third-party therapy management systems.

Injection data can be leveraged to assist patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals in conjunction with adherence and therapy management.


Sustainable design Easy separation of battery and electronics

Easy separation of battery and electronics
Separable connectivity module

YpsoMate On is designed with a focus on separability for take-back, re-use or recycling of its components. The connectivity module is integrated into the end cap and can be separated from the syringe and the device parts.

  • Sustainable materials and optimised supply chain minimize the environmental footprint
  • Connectivity module and device components can be recovered through take-back programs
  • Easy separation of battery and electronics simplifies recycling

Leverage the YpsoMate platform De-risk development and shorten time-to-market

YpsoMate On is based on the market-proven YpsoMate platform and handling concept. It includes the same spring-driven drug delivery mechanism for an effortless injection process. The underlying YpsoMate core technology is well-established and approved by major regulatory agencies.

Design for manufacturing has been a guiding principle for YpsoMate On. We strive for compatibility with existing YpsoMate manufacturing and end-assembly lines for rapid scale-up and short time-to-market.


Dimensions Facts and figures

Device specifications
  • Primary container1 mL long ½” PFS, with cut flange or small round flange
  • Fill volume0.2 – 1.0 mL
  • DosingFixed, complete content
  • Viscosity1 – 35 cP1
  • Needle diameter29G TW and larger
  • Injection time<10 s
  • PFS needle shieldRigid or soft
  • Needle insertion depth5 – 8 mm
  • End of injection feedbackAudible and visual
  • Weight40g incl. glass PFS

Feasibility testing with filled syringes recommended for new drugs. With a larger needle diameter viscosities above 100 cP are feasible. 

Syringe dimensions (mm)


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