• Wash your hands thoroughly before using YpsoMate.
  • The preferred injection site is the subcutaneous tissue of the thigh or the abdomen.
  • Prepare the injection site as directed by your health care professional.

Handling steps

Pull off the protective cap and dispose of in compliance with local regulations.

  • Do not reattach the protective cap!
  • Do not push needle shield against the hand or fingers!

Place YpsoMate on the skin and push the needle shield down fully. A “click” signals the start of injection.1

A second “click” signals the end of injection. At the end of the injection, the colored plunger is completely visible in the window.2

Remove YpsoMate from the skin. The injection is now complete. The needle remains hidden by the needle shield which provides protection against needle-stick injury.

Dispose of the YpsoMate in a sharps container in compliance with local regulations.

Do not reuse an YpsoMate.

This Quick Guide is for training purposes within the scope of a usability assessment only and does not replace the instruction for use of the product.

1 Continue to hold down YpsoMate during the injection (5 –10 seconds). The colored plunger moves forward as the drug is being injected.
2 Note: Once the injection has stopped, hold YpsoMate down on the skin for a further 5 seconds. Do not tilt YpsoMate during removal.