SmartPilot – Transforms the dial-and-dose UnoPen into a fully connected system

The SmartPilot add-on for the UnoPen
The SmartPilot add-on transforms the dial-and-dose UnoPen into a connected system
  • Real-time tracking of injection dose, time and date
  • Advanced patient support for safety check and holding time
  • NFC-based identification of drug product label at the point of use
  • Continuous temperature logging during its in-use time
  • Standard interfaces to integrate the injection data in your therapy solution

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SmartPilot for UnoPen

Advanced tracking and guidance

Injection tracking combined with user guidance Transforming UnoPen into a connected smart system

SmartPilot transforms the proven dial-and-dose UnoPen into a connected product system. It not only reliably tracks injection dose, time, and date but also guides the user throughout the injection process including safety check and holding time. SmartPilot is intended to facilitate therapy management during clinical trials and after commercial launch.

SmartPilot usage tracking of dial-and-dose UnoPen Capturing injection events

  • Real-time tracking of injection events
    • Injection dose, time, and date
    • Drug identification
      (incl. batch number, expiry date etc.)
  • Bluetooth®-based wireless transmission of injection events to mobile application
  • Recording of injection events on SmartPilot local memory for later read-out
  • Integrable with third-party therapy management app

Overview of SmartPilot key features

Patient-centred industrial design Overview of features to support UnoPen handling

Optimised mechanical interface with UnoPen Clear visual and audible feedback upon secure attachment

  • SmartPilot remains securely attached to UnoPen throughout its in-use time.
  • Release button appears in its final position once attached to UnoPen.
  • Visual and audible feedback confirms secure attachment to UnoPen.
SmartPilot is being attached to UnoPen.
Visual and audible feedback confirms secure attachment to UnoPen.

Automated SmartPilot activation by touch sensors SmartPilot is always on during UnoPen operation

  • Automated activation of SmartPilot using capacitive touch sensors
  • Activation of device regardless of how the user holds it in her hand
  • Capacitive touch sensors integrated in the main surface areas
Touch sensors enable automated SmartPilot activation.

Patient support during safety check Guidance active upon upright UnoPen orientation

  • Supporting users with the safety check before each injection
  • Facilitating correct orientation of the UnoPen
  • Automated differentiation from actual injections
Guidance active upon upright position and attachement to new UnoPen.

Monitoring UnoPen storage temperature during in-use time Constant temperature logging once attached to UnoPen

Alerts users if UnoPen was stored outside intended temperature range.

These handling instructions are for marketing purposes only and do not replace the instruction for use of the product.

Intended to improve patient safety

Authentication of the combination product NFC-based authentication of the drug product

SmartPilot recognises smart Near Field Communication (NFC)-based labels on UnoPen notifying patients of the product in use and checks that the drug has not expired.

NFC-based identification of YpsoMate product to increase patient safety.
NFC-based identification of UnoPen product at the point of use.
  • Correct product: inform that the drug product is not counterfeit
  • Simplify expiry management: relate real-time with the expiry date
  • Check usage: inform that correct UnoPen is used e.g. dosing intervals and dose strength
  • Support recalls: manage product recalls via cloud-based device serialisation

Touch-to-pair to facilitate Bluetooth® pairing

Touch-to-pair to establish connectivity A convenient and secure means to establish Bluetooth® connectivity

NFC-based touch-to-pair provides a more convenient and secure means to establish Bluetooth® connectivity. An NFC-enabled smartphone is placed close to SmartPilot. Credentials are automatically exchanged via NFC, with the close proximity preventing other smartphones from pairing with SmartPilot.

NFC-based touch-to-pair process
NFC-based touch-to-pair process.

Introducing a complete smart device platform

SmartPilot robust signal processing algorithm Machine learning to detect and classify injection events

  • Signal processing to distinguish injection events from environmental noise
  • Algorithm designed and optimised for UnoPen mechanics
  • Signal processing algorithm flexibly adjustable to customer specific UnoPen
Proprietary machine-learning algorithm to reliably detect and identify injection events.

Embeded in a full device management solution

YDS SmartServices Standard interfaces to integrate injection data in your therapy solution

YDS SmartServices provide an end-to-end secured turnkey digital solution that simplifies the development process and supports the market introduction of smart devices across therapy-specific use cases. YDS SmartServices are based on three distinct yet interrelated managed services:

Service 1: ease-of-integration

Web-based application programming interface (API) as a standard interface for smart devices. The standard interface simplifies access to adherence and smart device performance data.

Service 2: smart device life cycle management

Insights into and management of smart devices during clinical trials and commercial use. Ypsomed enables smart device life cycle management across disease areas.

Service 3: securing device-to-cloud communication

Securing the communication from smart devices to cloud. YDS SmartServices provide true end-to-end security for the entire product system taking into account both device and cloud.