Ypsomed’s therapy management solutions

At Ypsomed we provide our pharmaceutical customers with an ecosystem of device and digital solutions to make self-injection for their patients even easier and more efficacious. For superior therapy outcomes.

Our therapy management solutions are developed with trail-blazing digital health players such as Sidekick Health. They are fully integrated with Ypsomed's self-injection devices to support patients and deliver smart, engaging interventions fueled by behavioral science.

Ypsomed’s therapy management solutions

Our solutions drive outcomes

  • Closely linked with Ypsomed injection devices to support self-medication, adherence and ultimately therapy outcomes
  • We aim for clinical validation
  • Support before, during and after the injection
  • Provides personalized and data-driven interventions for self-injection therapies
  • Flexible offering covering different market needs and scalable across disease areas

Why Ypsomed

  • Ypsomed has extensive knowledge in self-injection therapies
  • Reduced complexity by offering device & digital as an integrated solution
  • Flexible offering to meet diverse needs of our customers
  • We partner with the best – and integrate seamlessly
  • Integrated offering with risk-sharing component

Connecting stakeholders

Our therapy management offerings connect patients, health care professionals and caregivers. With our injection devices at the heart of the solution it provides them actionable insights and provides health care professionals real-time information about their patients. To maximize treatment outcomes.

Our partnerships

Ypsomed partners with leading digital health players to bring our integrated device and digital vision to life.

Sidekick Health

Sidekick Health is one of the world's leading digital therapeutics company with deep expertise in behavioral science and gamification. Together with Sidekick, Ypsomed has created a self-injection module that is integrated in their existing solution, providing state-of-the-art support for injectable therapies. When combined with Ypsomed's injection devices it unravels its full potential.