YpsoDose - The worry-free and intuitive patch injector

YpsoDose - Side view
YpsoDose - Side view

YpsoDose is the ready-to-use patch injector with minimum use steps to administer drug volumes up to 10 mL. With its intuitive use concept and ingenious technical solutions it ensures comfortable and safe injections for all conditions and environments while adapting to your formulation needs. It’s more than a device – it’s a reliable partner for patients, caregivers, and HCPs.

YpsoDose is production ready for clinical trials

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Excellence in patient centricity Patch and inject

Self-injection has never been easier than with YpsoDose. Just a push of a button is all it takes. The user-friendly design enables a seamless and hassle-free injection experience, empowering patients to confidently take control of their treatment.

  • Minimum use steps until injection
  • No cartridge handling required
  • Reliable injections regardless of device orientation, fill volume, viscosity and temperature

State-of-the-art technology For reliable and precise delivery

Needle Unit with built-in sterility
Needle Unit with built-in sterility

Reducing the risk of handling errors when using a self-injection device is a major concern for patients and healthcare professionals. With YpsoDose, those worries become a thing of the past. With automated steps, it ensures accurate, reproducible and safe injections. The needle remains concealed before, during and after use, supporting patient comfort and safety.

  • Unique sterile fluid path system provides built-in sterility in combination with the pre-assembled cartridge
  • Programmable electronics for customisable patient feedback and pause function
  • Automated needle insertion, injection and end of injection feedback

Ready-to-use cartridge safeguards drug stability Leading glass cartridge partner

SCHOTT cartriQ<sup>®</sup>
SCHOTT cartriQ®

Ypsomed collaborates with SCHOTT Pharma, an industry leader in drug containment solutions and delivery systems to ensure excellent drug stability.

cartriQ® offers a wide range of advantages:

  • Improved Type I FIOLAX® borosilicate glass
  • Specified unmatched inner surface providing 20% lower limit for hydrolytic resistance (ISO 4802-2)
  • Best-in-class baked-on siliconization process reduces free silicone levels by 10 % compared to standard
  • Prequalified biologics’ dedicated elastomers

Integrated collaboration support by Ypsomed Accelerating time to clinic and market

Experience a streamlined supply chain from start to finish. Ypsomed provides seamless coordination with the primary packaging supplier, fill & finish and final assembly partner.

YpsoDose supply chain
YpsoDose supply chain

Dimensions and specifications Facts and figures

Device specifications
  • Primary container10 mL cartriQ®
  • Fill volume2.0 – 10.0 mL
  • DosingFixed dose for each device version
  • ViscosityBroad range due to motor-driven system
    e.g. a 5 mL, 50 cp solution injected in 5 mins
  • Fluid path/needle25 - 29G
  • Injection timeProgrammable for each customer version
  • Needle systemAutomated insertion and retraction
  • Needle insertion depth5 – 10 mm
  • Injection feedbackVisual and audible feedback before, during and after injection