YpsoDose – the large volume patch injector

YpsoDose - Side view
YpsoDose - Side view

The YpsoDose single-use injector is an electromechanical pre-filled and pre-assembled patch device for 10 mL glass cartridges. Needle insertion, injection, end of injection feedback and needle safety steps are all performed automatically. The needle remains hidden at all times and made safe after injection and device removal.

  • Unique sterile cartridge/fluid path and drive system provide safe and reproducible injections
  • Unique programmable electromechanical drive system for a range of viscosities and fill volumes
  • Programmable electronics to provide customisable patient feedback and connectivity
  • Customisable device housing shells to provide customer-specific device designs
YpsoDose Imagemovie

Discover the ready-to-use, pre-assembled patch injector

Simplicity by design Patch and inject - as simple as that

YpsoDose is handled in a simple 2-step process: Patch and inject.

  • Ready to inject when attached and skin contact was automatically detected.
  • The device automatically sense skin contact and needle insertion and injection is initiated by the press of a button.

YpsoDose clearly communicates with the patient or caregiver via visual and audible signals before, during and after injection.


Simplified handling for the pharmaceutical industry Standard glass cartridges in a ready-to-fill format

YpsoDose is compatible with a 10 mL glass cartridge that allows for conventional bulk filling processes as well as filling in a ready-to-fill tub format. This allows the glass cartridge to be filled on a range of already existing filling equipment infrastructure. 


YpsoDose The large volume patch injector

  • Pre-filled and pre-assembled for easy patient training and use
  • Patch and inject for simple and ergonomic handling
  • Clearly communicates via visual and audible signals before, during and after injection
  • Ready-to-fill cartridge for easy drug filling and final assembly
  • Unique electromechanical drive accommodates a range of viscosities and fill volumes

The comprehensive solution based on strong collaboration

YpsoDose is provided as a comprehensive seamless solution for pharma customers which reduces time-to-clinic and time-to-market. Ypsomed’s collaboration with Schott provides customers with the latest expertise in ready-to-use cartridges,.

YpsoDose - Integrated complete solution for pharmaceutical companies

Ready-to-use cartridge

The SCHOTT 10 mL glass cartridge, designed for sensitive biologics, is supplied in a 3” tub ready-to-use format - washed, siliconized, pre-crimped and sterilised, which is compatible with combi-filling equipment.

Filling and final assembly

Ypsomed collaborates with CMOs on tailored filling and final assembly solutions which provides our customers with seamless and efficient options for clinical as well as commercial supply. 

YpsoDose Patch Injector

The YpsoDose® electromechanical pre-filled and pre-assembled patch injector subassemblies are exclusively manufactured and tested by Ypsomed in-house before shipment to the final assembly site.

The benefit of a comprehensive solution

By collaborating with experts in the fields of primary packaging as well as filling, assembly and testing, we can offer you a proven and documented complete solution. Our solution simplifies and shortens your product’s path to commercialisation and allows you to focus on your core business.


Dimensions Facts and figures

Device specifications
  • Primary container10 mL glass cartridge
  • Fill volume2.0 – 10.0 mL
  • DosingFixed, complete content
  • ViscosityBroad range due to motor-driven system
    e.g. a 5 mL, 50 cp solution injected in 5 mins
  • Fluid path/needle27G or 29G
  • Injection timeProgrammable for each customer version
  • Needle systemAutomated insertion and retraction
  • Needle insertion depth5 – 10 mm
  • Injection feedbackVisual and audible feedback before, during and after injection