Responsibility and engagement are at the core of our strategy

At Ypsomed we pursue a long-term corporate sustainability strategy and are committed to act responsibly towards our employees, our partners, society and the environment.

The increasing adoption of pre-filled self-injection systems provides convenience and safety for patients, but also increases the use of plastics and its impact on the environment. Ypsomed is acting now and has fully integrated responsibility & engagement as one of the key pillars of its corporate strategy and initiated the NetZero Program, our roadmap to net zero emissions until 2040.

The NetZero Program: Advancing towards net zero carbon emission selfcare solutions

Join us as we drive a sustainable, efficient, and responsible medical technology industry. The NetZero Program is Ypsomed's ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reduction roadmap, aiming for net zero emissions by 2040 along the entire value chain. We commit ourselves to the science-based emissions reduction targets according to the Science Based Targets initiative, SBTi.

Partnering with Ypsomed unveils forward-thinking solutions, laying the groundwork for a future of net zero emissions

Scope 1+2


Net zero operational carbon emissions.

Scope 1-3


A selection of products meet net zero carbon emissions across their individual value chain.

Scope 1-3


Net zero carbon emissions across the entire value chain.

The NetZero Program leads the way for carbon-reduced products now

Ypsomed offers customers a widening range of sustainable choices. Life Cycle Assessments identify and optimize areas for CO2 reduction (cradle-to-gate). The improvements include bio-based, chemically identical materials which are biocompatible and provide significant CO2 reduction, as well as advanced packaging made from recycled materials. The products available in the NetZero Program achieve at least 30% CO2 reduction. We follow the principle "avoidance first, removal second". If desired, the remaining carbon emissions can be offset according to high standards (Gold, REDD+, VCS-CCB, FSC).  External ISCC+ certification ensures sustainable material traceability along the entire supply chain.

The net zero journey of Ypsomed continues step by step, providing options to match your sustainability goals as part of our reduction roadmap.

Carbon-reduced materials

Take the initial step to reduce the CO2 emissions of your drug-device combination product.

Manufacturing materials and in particular plastics make up the largest proportion of our CO2 footprint. The NetZero Program facilitates measurable CO2 reduction for your device based on the following measures:

  • Use of ISCC+ certified bio-based plastics in the mass balance approach for device carbon reduction
  • Device transport trays made from recycled materials reduce the CO2 footprint for each device
  • Biocompatibility, functionality and safety are maintained so that no additional testing is required
  • CO2 reduction declaration for the use of ISCC+ certified bio-based plastic materials


Contribution to global climate action

Taking our commitment further, we offer you our contribution to high quality offset projects.

Ypsomed allows its customers to contribute to global climate projects, and offset remaining GHG emissions from purchased CO2-reduced products through verified carbon credits dedicated to high-quality projects:

  • Quality verified: Externally supported climate protection meets certified standards (Gold or Verra CCB)
  • Sustainability added value: Projects support various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Diversification: Funds both emission avoidance and atmospheric removal/storage projects

The number of product platforms available in the NetZero Program is increasing, maintaining biocompatibility, functionality and safety, with no additional testing required.

Available today

YpsoMate 1.0

Available today

YpsoMate 2.25

Within 2024



Download LCA Factsheet & Ecodesign Guidelines to learn more.

Ecodesign principles for new products

We continuously optimise the entire life cycle of our products and the entire value chain – from development, procurement and production to packaging, use by users, as well as disposal and recycling. Since 2021, we adhere to ecodesign principles for the development of new products, ensuring that environmental considerations are integrated into every stage of product development. From design with a minimum number of parts to selecting sustainable materials and optimizing recyclability, our commitment to eco-friendly practices is embedded in the design of new products, striving for minimal environmental impact throughout the product life cycle, without compromising quality or functionality.

Significant levers for CO2 reduction lie in alternative material sourcing for devices and packaging as well as in in ecodesign principles.

Transforming company sites and supply chain towards net zero

Our adherence to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol's standards for emissions scoping is not just a preliminary step but a fundamental aspect of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). This approach ensures that we accurately pinpoint and implement the most effective measures for CO2 reduction.

97% of the CO2 emissions in Ypsomed's corporate carbon footprint come from the upstream and downstream value chain (Scope 3)*.

By selecting sustainable materials and collaborating closely with our suppliers, Ypsomed is significantly reducing the environmental footprint. Our commitment includes the promotion of carbon reduction strategies and tracking performance through data on energy consumption and CO2 emissions, setting the stage for collective progress towards our net zero targets.

At Ypsomed's production sites, we significantly reduce carbon emissions by utilizing waste heat, employing energy-efficient injection moulding machines, and optimizing building systems for heating and cooling. Already today, we purchase 100% renewable electricity, while at the same time building our own photovoltaic power plants. This comprehensive approach, bolstered by employee engagement in sustainability, positions us to achieve a 90% reduction in emissions in Scope 1 and 2 by 2030.

*Calculations based on the year 2022

The electricity used in Ypsomed production sites and other corporate facilities is sourced from 100% renewable resources.

Driving partnerships for global climate action

Alliance to Zero

As a founding member, Ypsomed is instrumental in the Alliance to Zero, a non-profit association for pharma and biotech supply chain companies. Our vision is to facilitate the transition of the pharma sector to compliance with net zero emissions in line with the goal of the Paris climate agreement.

Our Sustainability Academy is a center for sustainability training and sensitisation, bridging internal and external stakeholders. Here, we exchange ideas on sustainability practices and network with a broad spectrum of experts, enhancing our environmental initiatives.

Embracing the principle of reduction before compensation, Ypsomed prioritizes CO2 reduction while also engaging in global climate action projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions around the globe. To this end, we focus on high-quality projects that are verified by internationally recognised and certified standards and that demonstrably contribute to a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With the financial contribution to high-quality greenhouse gas reduction projects, we promote the global reduction of emissions, over and above our own reduction measures.

Learn more about responsibility and engagement as part of Ypsomed's corporate strategy.

Reduce CO2 emissions NOW and advance towards a sustainable future. Contact us to partner for impactful environmental action:

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