Ypsomed has an impressive track record of self-injection devices documenting the long experience in development, filing support and manufacturing of self-injection devices. Amongst the publicly known customers of Ypsomed are Pfizer, Sanofi, Roche/Genentech, Eli Lilly, Merck, GSK, AstraZeneca and many more. Below are just a few examples of Ypsomed’s self-injection milestones:

YpsoMate 2.25 Pro, 2016

Introduction of an autoinjector suitable for 2.25ml syringes and injection volumes up to 2.25ml. A high power constant force spring is capable to inject highly viscous formulations.

YpsoMate 2.25, 2015

Introduction of an autoinjector suitable for the 2.25ml syringe and injection volumes up to 2.25ml. Manufacturing set-up for clinical supplies in work.

LyoTwist Trio for AstraZeneca, 2014

Introduction of a customized version of LyoTwist Trio for AstraZeneca’s Bydureon-Pen.

LyoTwist Trio for GSK, 2014

Introduction of a customized version of LyoTwist Trio for GSK’s Tanzeum™/Eperzan®.

UnoPen, 2014

Introduction of a new disposable variable dose pen for insulin and other multidose therapies providing a familiar handling experience and high level of patient acceptance.

YpsoMate, 2011

Introduction of a new 2-step “buttonless” autoinjector that sets new standards for simplicity and patient feedback. YpsoMate is currently being used by a number of customers for clinical trials in a range of therapeutic indications.

ServoPen for Dongbao, 2010

The first reusable automatic insulin pen that won the red dot design award, launched first as Gansulin Pen in China and in customized versions in other markets.

OptiSet for Sanofi, 1999

With this new generation of a disposable insulin pen, Ypsomed set a benchmark in the industry.

KabiPen for Kabi Pharmacia (Pfizer), 1989

The world’s first pen for human growth hormone and for dual-chamber cartridges. With this pen Ypsomed built the foundation for pens compatible with dual-chamber cartridges.

OptiPen for Hoechst (Sanofi), 1985

As one of the world’s first insulin pens this pen is considered to be one of the forerunners of all following generations of insulin pens.